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Sherry Gick, The Library Fanatic, participated in Evanced’s #Wandoo 5 Think Tank and learned, among other fabulous ideas, that “Evanced is all about children…readers…and doing what’s best for them.”  In her blog (link at the end of this post), she shares her top 5 take-away’s, and more.

“The idea of a Wandoo Think Tank had been percolating with Rob Cullin, President and co-founder of Evanced, since the Banishing Boredom tour with Wandoo Planet began in the spring. The Think Tank would be a way for the leaders & staff of Evanced to pick the brains of school librarians, not only about their products, but about the roles of school libraries, librarians, reading, and teaching in the future. I was thrilled when Rob said he wanted to have this Think Tank in Indy at Evanced and bring some of my most favorite TL friends in from across the country. (Pinch me!  I was included in this!)

My main take-aways from this day together:

5.  Evanced is a company that values the voice of others. Their products which are marketed to public libraries and now school libraries and student readers became even more meaningful to me after spending time talking with their leaders and hearing their thoughts.

4.  My voice is important! It was an amazing feeling to have others listen to me that day and to even write down or tweet my thoughts. I need to remember that feeling and be sure to extend it to my students as I listen to their thoughts and ideas AND put them into action.

3.  Our why is pivotal. Knowing what keeps us going and pushing onward in our schools and libraries, embracing new ideas, trying new things, branching out, connecting, and doing more is crucial. We ALL need to identify our why and check our actions with it regularly.

2.  Work isn’t work when you’re doing what you love. Spaces should be flexible, colorful, and encourage collaboration and creativity. Sure, I knew this about LIBRARIES, but I’d never been in an office that took this seriously!  Evanced Solutions modeled everything I’d like to have in my library spaces for productive, hands on explorations and learning. [Pictures of our space are included on Sherry’s blog.]

1.  Everything is better with friends. Finding my tribe in the past several years has been life changing for me, both professionally and personally. I want to do everything I can as an educator to help my students find their tribes as well. Whether it’s a space in the library or a library sponsored activity or club, helping others connect with ideas and each other is a worthy and important part of what we do.

Yes indeed.  It WAS an incredible day that I will continue to reflect upon and I feel honored to have been a part of it.”

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