What is Wandoo Planet?

Wandoo Planet is an online tool that helps children discover interests and content as it shapes reading habits.
Think Pandora, Spotify, or Netflix with a twist. It's a new software platform that empowers children to discover their keenest interests and find relevant books and other content via a powerful recommendation engine.

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How does it work?

First, kids play an interest-finding game to see suggestions that other kids have found to be interesting.

Once they've identified a few interests, their interest sapling starts to grow into an interest tree that will "bud" with suggested kid-friendly content directly related to their interests.

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Reading proficiency

Reading proficiency may continue to elude our children, but it doesn't have to.

We think the answer lies where librarians and teachers have long known it to be: When you tap into a child's own interests—the things that they love—they become more engaged and intrinsically motivated to learn.

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Discover how to reach
children through the Power
of Their own Interests.

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