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“Planning a trip with your kids with long bouts of sitting? Here are some engaging apps to help pass the time.

That’s Baloney! Kids Quiz Game
Evanced Games; best for ages 7-12; free-99 cents on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad,Android
Rating: 3.5 stars

One way to put fun into a family road trip is to play a wacky trivia game.

Why it’s worth downloading: With this trivia smack-down app, families have 2,500 kid-appropriate, educational questions at their fingertips. The questions can be sorted by difficulty level (select grades second to sixth) or by subject matter (science, social studies, language arts, math or a combo of the four called “Mystery Meat”). Kids will eat up the food theme as they hit the ketchup splat for “That’s true” or the mustard blob for “That’s baloney.” Get a wrong answer, and you are slapped with “The Pickle of Truth.” But answer correctly, and you get to eat the baloney sandwich. Yum.”


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