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Wandoo encourages reading: Deer Creek students take part in beta test

“The premise of Wandoo Planet is simple genius.

To get kids to read, they must have books they are interested in.

Students at Deer Creek Elementary did just that as they discovered their interests and found books to read on those subjects, all while saving the Wandoo forest.”


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Video program that entices kids to read

“KALAMAZOO (WKZO) — A company that is developing a software program that will encourage kids to read will bring it to Kalamazoo today for a workout.

The software company Evanced Solutions will give a group of Kalamazoo children free access to the game called “Wandoo Planet”.

Spokesperson Lindsay Hill says the more it’s used, the more it learns.

It has an algorithm that works like Netflix to suggest other titles its clients might be interested in reading.

They will be at the Washington Square Library at 4:30 Tuesday afternoon  to show kids how to play it and use it to find books that are of interest to them.”

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Kalamazoo Public Library teaming with national group to get kids reading

“KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A first of it’s kind reading project is coming to west Michigan Tuesday, April 22nd.

Nearly 70 percent of Michigan students are not reading at grade level when they start 4th grade. Now this new project hopes to inspire them to explore books and improve the statistics.

It’s called the Interest Genome Project and the idea is to help kids improve their reading skills by exploring books about their own interests.

The creators of the online game and free app called Wandoo Planet will be in Kalamazoo Tuesday to help launch it.

The project is geared toward kids ages 6 to 14.

“It’s a reading platform that really inspires kids, empowers them to take what they love to do and go and do it. Research shows that if kids are doing the things that they love they will transcend their reading levels,” said Lindsey Hill of Evanced Solutions.

Tuesday’s event is open to the public, especially teachers, parents and kids.

It’s at Kalamazoo public library’s Washington Square branch at 4:30 p.m.

Kids will have a chance to try out the new Wandoo Planet app to see for themselves how it works.

This project works well with the plan announced earlier this month by Kalamazoo Public Schools superintendent Dr. Michael Rice. He has set an ambitious goal for the community, wanting to make Kalamazoo the first fully literate urban community in the country.

To learn more about Wandoo Planet click HERE

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New kid-powered tool will help grow readers

“Parents want to encourage their children to improve their reading skills but sometimes it just comes down to finding the right motivation and areas of interest for each child. Unfortunately, reading proficiency in the U.S. is a problem. “By middle school, two-thirds of eight-graders do not read at grade level”, according to “A First Look: 2013 Mathematics and Reading, National Assessment of Education Progress at Grades 4 and 8″.”

Now there will be a new tool for educators, parents and librarians that will help match a child’s interests with an evolving reading list. Each child can grow by exploring the things they are curious about. Similar to “Netflix”, the platform uses the preferences from each child to create branches of a reading tree. The sapling blossoms and develops along with the child’s input. And the more that the child uses the software, the better the reading recommendations will be.”

Read more from Rosemary Terpolilli of about her conversation with Lindsey Hill and Wandoo Planet, check out the original publication at the link below.

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Mommy B Knows Best says Champs of Numeria can be quite addicting – in a good way

Jennifer Bullock of Mommy B Knows Best included Champs of Numeria in her “What’s App-enning  Spring Series” as one of her five recommended apps for Spring. Mommy B Knows Best is family-friendly website featuring  fun tips and tricks for parents, including product reviews.

“Champs of Numeria is a math app made for children ages K and up depending on what setting you select. At first I couldn’t figure out how to play Champs of Numeria, but luckily they have an in-app tutorial to help. I would highly recommend using this feature before your child begins playing. I think the game has a great idea but some of the numbers are a little harder to interpret since they are shapes rather than numbers. Once your child recognizes the different numbers this game can be quite addicting {in a good way.} I think this is a good math game, plus you can’t beat the price.”


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Igniting a passion for reading at Van Meter Schools

“Many of today’s students use technology in some way or another, so why not use technology to help young students discover their passion for reading?

That was a question Evanced Solutions answered after creating Wandoo Planet – a free online reading app which asks children ages 6-14 about their interests and then suggests books they might be interested in.

To gauge how the app will be received by students, Evanced Solutions partnered with Van Meter Librarian Shannon McClintock-Miller and her students at Van Meter who will test out the app all day on Friday, April 18, at the Van Meter Community School.

“The people from Wandoo Planet are going to instill that love of reading and writing throughout the day and in the middle of a whole lot of fun, games, and friendship,” McClintock-Miller said. “We can’t wait.”

McClintock-Miller joined forces with Lindsey Hill, reading engagement innovation specialist with Evanced Solutions LLC, via Twitter a few months ago after learning about the project. Hill then reached out to McClintock-Miller to ask if her students would be Beta testers for the website.

“They were so excited and couldn’t wait to help them out,” McClintock-Miller said.

The Wandoo Planet app is similar to applications like Pandora and Netflix, which gets to know the user and their interests. With Wandoo Planet,kids can search from over 12,000 books and movies that spark their interests and then are able to print off the recommended books to find at home, their local library, or bookstore. For each book a student reads, a branch on the Wandoo Tree grows as well as provides nourishment to the animals living in Wandoo Planet.

“It’s not a game; It’s an adaptive learning system algorithm so the system gets smarter the more kids that use it,” Hill said. “The kids at Van Meter have been talking with me and giving me feedback on what features they like and what we could do to make it better. We’ve noticed kids really enjoy the nurturing part of the piece, and the excitement that the kids show when they are using the app.”

Evanced Solutions will visit over 25 states, including Iowa, in their “Banish Boredom” tour – dedicated to bridging the classroom and the library with tools to help students succeed.

“Research shows students between the ages of 7-10 drop-off in reading proficiency in America,” Hill said. “Kids are bored and they often turn to a device so we are trying got meet them where they are at and keep them in a virtual world, yet provide them with the opportunity to read physical books. A lot of schools are focused on outcomes, but we are certain through research and testing that interest will drive frequency.

“Frequency drives proficiency and that will drive the outcome of what students are looking for.”

The free online app is only available on desktop and laptop computers at this time. To become a Beta tester for Wandoo Planet, visit Sign-up for children younger than the age of 13 requires adult assistance.”

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McAllen Public Library (TX): Wandoo Planet Reading Event

“The Banish Boredom Tour made a stop in the Rio Grande Valley putting the reading recommendation tool Wandoo Planet into the little hands of children from the Rio Grande Valley.  In order to ignite kids’ interest in reading, the McAllen Public Library (MPL) is participating in a first-of- its-kind “Interest Genome Project.”

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Dayton Catches Up With Evanced Games Founder Rob Cullin

Angela Addington of Dayton talked to Evanced President and Co-Founder Rob Cullin about the inspiration behind Evanced Games, how the company is working to enhance learning for children and the current projects’ we’re working on to meet that goal.  Check out what Rob has to say by clicking the original publication link below.

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What a Day We Had With Winston & Wandoo Planet!

“We had a blast today with the Banish Boredom Tour, and the students are fired up about Beta testing Wandoo Planet!  Thank you Lindsey, Winston and all of our new friends from Wandoo Planet! We hope you will come back to see us! The smiles say it all! What a fun day!”

Check out their great video album!  Just click on the original publication link below.


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Meet Lindsey Hill of Evanced Games

Angela Addington from Dayton recently got to know Lindsey, what inspires her work, and about a recent success she had with one disengaged and unmotivated second grader. Click on the link below to read more about Lindsey and her work with reading engagement at Evanced.

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TLA ’14 Top Ten includes Wandoo Planet!

10. Seeing the latest and greatest in the exhibit hall. I was able to put my hands on books, see new library furnishings, and meet the people behind Wandoo PlanetMackinVia and other resources I use in the library! Wandoo Planet will be at our school on Monday, so it was fun to talk to them face to face before then!”


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Company Makes Cross Country Strides to Get Kids Reading!

“Hundreds of thousands of students across the state of Texas are struggling with learning to read.  A new online program aims to help change that.  It’s called the “Banish Boredom” tour.  Parent company Evanced Solutions is rolling through McAllen (TX) to gauge interest in their Wandoo Planet website.

This morning, CEO Rob Cullin explained.

What: Evanced’s Banish Boredom Tour

Where: McAllen Public Library, 4001 N. 23rd St., McAllen, TX

When: Saturday, April 12th

Time: 4:30-5:30 pm”

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#BanishBoredomTour Coming to Curtis!

“We are so excited to have recently been selected as a stop on Wandoo Planet’s  #BanishBoredomTour! Wandoo Planet will be at Curtis Elementary on Monday, April 14th to get students started using this interest-driven website!

A while back, I received an email asking Curtis students to Beta test Wandoo Planet. A great description can be found here: What Is Wandoo Planet? Our afterschool media club, The Digital Bookworms explored the site, and even talked with our friends, the Technical Difficulties Club at Van Meter, about it. Then last week, the Digital Bookworms Skyped with Lindsey Hill from Evanced Solutions, the company behind Wandoo Planet.

We can’t wait to meet Lindsey, and the whole team, in a couple of weeks, as well as Winston the Owl!  And the great thing is, they are also going to Iowa, to meet our friends at Van Meter! You can read more about that visit on Shannon Miller’s Blog! I can’t wait for the Digital Bookworms & the Technical Difficulties club to connect in a few weeks and talk about our time with Lindsey, Winston & the whole Wandoo Planet team!”

Read more about what The Digital Bookworms have been doing with Wandoo Planet by clicking on the original publication link below.


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A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #132: Wandoo Planet and the Banish Boredom Tour

“Episode #132 features the audio from a Google Hangout held with Lindsey Hill from Evanced Solutions discussing their free application, Wandoo Planet; the world’s first kid-powered interest genome project. Students make selections based on their interests to discover associated media suggestions (books, movies, etc.). Lindsey also describes activities students might encounter when they are visited by the Banish Boredom library tour.”

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Fun Math App

“Today I wanted to tell you about a new math app I came across called Champs of Numeria.

It is like a tic tac toe, but in order to place your piece you have to answer a math problem.  There is a range of abilities in the game anywhere from beginner to advanced.

The students are trying to get four of their numbers in a row. Not only do the students need math skills to play this game, but they also need strategy. It is really interesting to watch my students play the game and see what strategy they use to play the game. Are they just worrying about their four in a row or are they trying to stop their opponent?

I have to tell you that when my students play this game they are so engaged. They help each other with the math problems.”

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