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USA Today’s recommends That’s Baloney! in “‘Appy traveling with your kids with these games”

“Planning a trip with your kids with long bouts of sitting? Here are some engaging apps to help pass the time.

That’s Baloney! Kids Quiz Game
Evanced Games; best for ages 7-12; free-99 cents on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad,Android
Rating: 3.5 stars

One way to put fun into a family road trip is to play a wacky trivia game.

Why it’s worth downloading: With this trivia smack-down app, families have 2,500 kid-appropriate, educational questions at their fingertips. The questions can be sorted by difficulty level (select grades second to sixth) or by subject matter (science, social studies, language arts, math or a combo of the four called “Mystery Meat”). Kids will eat up the food theme as they hit the ketchup splat for “That’s true” or the mustard blob for “That’s baloney.” Get a wrong answer, and you are slapped with “The Pickle of Truth.” But answer correctly, and you get to eat the baloney sandwich. Yum.”


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‘Your voice is important’ and more take-aways from the #Wandoo5 think tank

Sherry Gick, The Library Fanatic, participated in Evanced’s #Wandoo 5 Think Tank and learned, among other fabulous ideas, that “Evanced is all about children…readers…and doing what’s best for them.”  In her blog (link at the end of this post), she shares her top 5 take-away’s, and more.

“The idea of a Wandoo Think Tank had been percolating with Rob Cullin, President and co-founder of Evanced, since the Banishing Boredom tour with Wandoo Planet began in the spring. The Think Tank would be a way for the leaders & staff of Evanced to pick the brains of school librarians, not only about their products, but about the roles of school libraries, librarians, reading, and teaching in the future. I was thrilled when Rob said he wanted to have this Think Tank in Indy at Evanced and bring some of my most favorite TL friends in from across the country. (Pinch me!  I was included in this!)

My main take-aways from this day together:

5.  Evanced is a company that values the voice of others. Their products which are marketed to public libraries and now school libraries and student readers became even more meaningful to me after spending time talking with their leaders and hearing their thoughts.

4.  My voice is important! It was an amazing feeling to have others listen to me that day and to even write down or tweet my thoughts. I need to remember that feeling and be sure to extend it to my students as I listen to their thoughts and ideas AND put them into action.

3.  Our why is pivotal. Knowing what keeps us going and pushing onward in our schools and libraries, embracing new ideas, trying new things, branching out, connecting, and doing more is crucial. We ALL need to identify our why and check our actions with it regularly.

2.  Work isn’t work when you’re doing what you love. Spaces should be flexible, colorful, and encourage collaboration and creativity. Sure, I knew this about LIBRARIES, but I’d never been in an office that took this seriously!  Evanced Solutions modeled everything I’d like to have in my library spaces for productive, hands on explorations and learning. [Pictures of our space are included on Sherry’s blog.]

1.  Everything is better with friends. Finding my tribe in the past several years has been life changing for me, both professionally and personally. I want to do everything I can as an educator to help my students find their tribes as well. Whether it’s a space in the library or a library sponsored activity or club, helping others connect with ideas and each other is a worthy and important part of what we do.

Yes indeed.  It WAS an incredible day that I will continue to reflect upon and I feel honored to have been a part of it.”

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Wandoo Reader Think Tank Top 5 Takeaways

Matthew Winner (a/k/a The Busy Librarian) is a member of the #Wandoo5 Think Tank that took place at Evanced Solutions on June 23, 2014. In his blog, he talks about his experience and his top 5 takeaways from the event, including:

5. If you want to do something well, involve the stakeholders whenever possible.

4. The way to engage kids in a summer reading program is actually engage them.

3. The Wandoo Planet crew are not playin’ around.

2. Listening is one of the most important gifts we can give another person.

Follow the link to Matthew’s blog post to see his #1 takeaway and read more about all five of his takeaways.

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#Wandoo5 in Indianapolis – talk children, reading & their passion for both

Five librarians from across the country were invited by Evanced Solutions, a Demco company, to participate in a day of conversation centering around children and reading.  We talked about issues that stand in the way of progress and accomplishing goals. An issue that was shared by several was the lack of technology, whether it be on the campus or in the students’ homes. We also talked about librarianship and different mindsets. This was a very interesting topic as we broke it down by combinations of growth mindsets and available support. A common mindset for most of us in the room seemed to be that we aren’t afraid of failure. We might not like to fail, but the fear of failure generally doesn’t keep us from attempting something new. We talked about how we could influence others to try new things, and as Andy says, “Expect the miraculous!”

To learn more about #Wandoo5’s day and what they learned about Wandoo Reader and Evanced, click on the link below to view the full blog post

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Ducketts Lane Elementary students excited to see their Wandoo trees grow & share discoveries

“Our 2nd and 3rd graders have spent the past two weeks beta testing the world’s first student interest genome. The website is called Wandoo Planet and we couldn’t be more excited to be involved.

You can join in the fun to by visiting Wandoo Planetcreating an account using your student login, and helping to grow your own personal interest tree in the Wandoo Forest.

As students rate books they’ve read before and mark “keep it” to books they’d like to remember to read later, their Wandoo tree grows and grows. The students have been so excited to see their trees grow and to share discoveries on Wandoo with their classmates. The beta testing for Wandoo Planet will wrap up soon and we’re excited to see how our feedback and use of the site will affect the coming iterations of the site.

But for now, I think everyone is just really excited to play in the beautiful and engaging world of Wandoo Planet!”

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Barrow Students are Banishing Boredom with Wandoo Planet

Lindsey Hill had a virtual visit with students at the David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center to introduce them to Wandoo Planet and get them ready explore and develop their interests over the Summer.

Andy Plemmons, “I thought this would be the perfect launch to summer reading.  In the past, I’ve tried to get students to think about their interests and begin making lists of possible reading topics, but I felt like it was difficult to carry those initial plans into the summer.  With Wandoo Planet, kids can start thinking about their interests and continue to grow and develop their interests throughout the summer and beyond.  They can take the books and movies that are recommended to the public library or bookstores and gather their summer reading materials.”

The Barrow Media Center has posted pictures and a description of their day showing what a great time they all had.


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Lindsey Hill Talks Wandoo Planet with Matthew Winner of Let’s Get Busy Podcast

“Lindsey Hill stops by to talk about Wandoo Planet (@WandooPlanet), the world’s first kid-powered interest genome.Evanced Games is on a mission with Wandoo Planet to banish boredom, connect kids with their interests, help readers discover new book loves, and support teachers in the process.”

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Evanced Solutions aims to inspire kids to read

“Children are engaged by their interests. This is not a new concept, but we’re going about it a little differently. What we’re hoping for is that kids feel empowered to find the things they enjoy doing,  I want to see the needle move in reading deficiency across the country.”  Lindsey Hill, lead person for reading engagement initiatives at Evanced, and a former teacher.

“Leaving the skill-development piece to educators and librarians it seeks to support, the company focuses on developing kids’ will to pick up a book by assisting them in identifying their interests in a fun, interactive way.

“We can help the kids have access to what they’re more likely to read, a lot quicker,” said Jan Hodge, a district library media specialist at the Crowley Independent School District in Crowley, Texas, who supervises 10 elementary school libraries. She has introduced Wandoo Planet at one school in the district and plans to expand its use to other campuses.

“Of course, nothing can take the place of an actual librarian or parent, but with Wandoo Planet, the parents are involved as well,” Hodge said.


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Leap into Learning with Froggy Phonics

“Froggy Phonics is based on the popular, award-winning Edupress board game.  This app allows children to practice their phonetics skills with some hopping good fun!  Froggy Phonics inspires kids in grades K-2 (ages 4-8) to associate letters and letter groups with their sounds through the fun character, Froggy.”

“One thing I really loved about this app was that it not only gave Nicholas the word to look at, but it also pronounces it for him, he can see the word and hear it at the same time.  There were multiple times while we were playing this game that he would see the word, hear it and then try to say it himself.”

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Born 2 Impress Reviews Tic-Tac Bananas

Jennifer at Born 2 Impress reviews Tic-Tac Bananas, an app that promotes literacy using word recognition, phonics and decoding in a tic-tac-toe format.  Jennifer discusses what she and her 7 year old daughter liked about the game, especially the 2-player format they enjoyed playing together.  “It is a great game to play with siblings and really nice for play dates.”

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Banish Boredom Tour Promotes Literacy With Technology

“The growing reading deficiency rates demonstrate that the literacy crisis is far from over. In fact, reading failure continues to be a growing national problem. More than 50 percent of children in affluent homes and 80 percent of children in less affluent homes are not reading proficiently. Reading drops off significantly after age nine.

Motivating young children to read hits extremely close to home for some Texas parents. Nearly three-fourths of Texas students are not proficient readers when they reach fourth grade, according to a recent survey by National KIDS COUNT. As uncovered in our 2013 research report, “Factors affecting reading ability in school age children,” the problem is tied directly to children’s underlying motivation to read, rather than their ability to read.

To combat this education dilemma, we’ve learned that the solution lies where librarians and teachers have always known it to be—deep within the child’s own interests. Our team at Evanced Solutions recognizes that kids are the experts on what they love. When we empower children to engage with those things, they are more intrinsically motivated to discover, ready, and do. Validating their interests when designing learning platforms cannot be ignored. Interests are far more significant than readability, and encourage reading frequency, which in turn, drives proficiency and fights the literacy crisis

With this in mind, Evanced Solutions – where I work as lead for reading engagement initiatives  has created the world’s first kid-powered interest genome project, Wandoo Planet.  This online reader engagement and discovery platform empowers readers to discover and mine their keenest interests – from Lemony Snicket and puppies to go-karting and superheroes.”

Read more of Lindsey Hill’s article at the Rivald Report by clicking the link below to the original publication.


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Economical Mommy Reviews Froggy Phonics

Economical Mommy thinks Froggy Phonics “is cute, I love the simplicity of it all. Oh, and don’t let me forget, I LOVE the music. It pleasant to the ears and does not get on my hubby’s and my nerves. Which as parents is very important ;-)” See the full review and a video of the game in action by clicking the link below.

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Champs of Numeria and That’s Baloney! win 2014 National Parenting Publications Awards

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 29, 2014)Educational mobile apps Champs of Numeria and That’s Baloney! have each been named 2014 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) winners for their innovation, attention to quality and engagement. Champs of Numeria is a SILVER winner and That’s Baloney! is an HONORS winner.

Each year, NAPPA’s independent panel of expert judges and parents stringently test and evaluate hundreds of submissions and choose only the best of the best. Products are judged on innovation, safety, quality, educational value and the degree to which they assist busy parents and families. This year, 50 products were selected to receive the coveted Gold Award, while 129 others were designated as Silver or Honors winners.

“Our team of expert judges and parent evaluators meticulously scrutinized, tested and played with hundreds of submissions this year,” says Julie Kertes, NAPPA General Manager. “We’re excited to share their list of chosen winners with like-minded parents who value quality and innovation.”

A complete list of all 2014 NAPPA Parenting Resources winners will be available at and viewable on the leading family organizational app, Cozi on June 1, 2014.

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Love Life Logistics Reviews Froggy Phonics & Tic-Tac Bananas

Roaen of Love Life Logistics reviews Froggy Phonics and Tic-Tac Bananas with her 5 year old son, Kuya.  Love Life Logistics is a blog covering home life, activities the author does with her family and the logistics of running a household.

Froggy Phonics had my 5-year-old hooked…Kuya was so excited to unlock each level and collect the fireflies.”

Tic-Tac Bananas is a game “geared for two-players.  It’s a great game for you and your preschooler or kindergartener to play together. It’s also great for siblings to play together on the iPad and learn how to take turns.”


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Interactive reading program comes to Curtis

“A new reading trend has been sweeping the country — Wandoo Planet, an interactive reading program that allows kids to choose books based on their interests.

“It’s an engagement platform that is similar to Netflix or Spotify,” Lindsey Hill, lead for reading engagement initiatives at Evanced Solutions, which developed Wandoo, said. “Based on the interests of the child, Wandoo Planet recommends books and movies that kids can consume and helps get and keep them engaged.”

Read more from Sally Sexton (Weatherford Democrat) about Wandoo Planet and the Banish Boredom Tour at the original publication link below.

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