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“Parents want to encourage their children to improve their reading skills but sometimes it just comes down to finding the right motivation and areas of interest for each child. Unfortunately, reading proficiency in the U.S. is a problem. “By middle school, two-thirds of eight-graders do not read at grade level”, according to “A First Look: 2013 Mathematics and Reading, National Assessment of Education Progress at Grades 4 and 8″.”

Now there will be a new tool for educators, parents and librarians that will help match a child’s interests with an evolving reading list. Each child can grow by exploring the things they are curious about. Similar to “Netflix”, the platform uses the preferences from each child to create branches of a reading tree. The sapling blossoms and develops along with the child’s input. And the more that the child uses the software, the better the reading recommendations will be.”

Read more from Rosemary Terpolilli of about her conversation with Lindsey Hill and Wandoo Planet, check out the original publication at the link below.

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