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Jennifer Bullock of Mommy B Knows Best included Champs of Numeria in her “What’s App-enning  Spring Series” as one of her five recommended apps for Spring. Mommy B Knows Best is family-friendly website featuring  fun tips and tricks for parents, including product reviews.

“Champs of Numeria is a math app made for children ages K and up depending on what setting you select. At first I couldn’t figure out how to play Champs of Numeria, but luckily they have an in-app tutorial to help. I would highly recommend using this feature before your child begins playing. I think the game has a great idea but some of the numbers are a little harder to interpret since they are shapes rather than numbers. Once your child recognizes the different numbers this game can be quite addicting {in a good way.} I think this is a good math game, plus you can’t beat the price.”


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