Posted by Lindsey Hill

Our reading engagement team is just


scratching the surface, when it comes to engaging kids via their deepest interests. So far this year our team has spent time with kids ages seven through 12 in the U.S. and the U.K. We’ve invited them to think about the subjects and activities they truly love and then create their very own interests trees, complete with branches representing their keenest interests.

This process enables kids to discover more about themselves and to feel successful as they take charge of their own learning. We’re discovering that keenest interests are the key to peeling away the layers of stress that can contribute to learning struggles in our kids.

Here’s an example from Charli, one of the students we recently spoke with in the U.K. Charli knows she loves to sing, and she shared this as one of her deepest interests in our recent lesson together. Singing is just one of the branches on her interest tree that she plans to nurture and develop.

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