Four Ways to Fuel Your Library

Some remarkable teacher librarians—Matthew Winner, Andy Plemmons, Shawna Ford, Sherry Gick, and Shannon Miller—recently joined us at Evanced in Indianapolis for an intensive 24-hour think tank on the future role of school libraries and librarians in engaging kids in reading. We also discussed their early adoption of relevant technology. So, just what did they have… Read more »

‘Your voice is important’ and more take-aways from the #Wandoo5 think tank

Sherry Gick, The Library Fanatic, participated in Evanced’s #Wandoo 5 Think Tank and learned, among other fabulous ideas, that “Evanced is all about children…readers…and doing what’s best for them.”  In her blog (link at the end of this post), she shares her top 5 take-away’s, and more. “The idea of a Wandoo Think Tank had… Read more »