Company Makes Cross Country Strides to Get Kids Reading!

“Hundreds of thousands of students across the state of Texas are struggling with learning to read.  A new online program aims to help change that.  It’s called the “Banish Boredom” tour.  Parent company Evanced Solutions is rolling through McAllen (TX) to gauge interest in their Wandoo Planet website. This morning, CEO Rob Cullin explained. What:… Read more »

#BanishBoredomTour Coming to Curtis!

“We are so excited to have recently been selected as a stop on Wandoo Planet’s  #BanishBoredomTour! Wandoo Planet will be at Curtis Elementary on Monday, April 14th to get students started using this interest-driven website! A while back, I received an email asking Curtis students to Beta test Wandoo Planet. A great description can be found here: What Is… Read more »

A.T.TIPSCAST Episode #132: Wandoo Planet and the Banish Boredom Tour

“Episode #132 features the audio from a Google Hangout held with Lindsey Hill from Evanced Solutions discussing their free application, Wandoo Planet; the world’s first kid-powered interest genome project. Students make selections based on their interests to discover associated media suggestions (books, movies, etc.). Lindsey also describes activities students might encounter when they are visited… Read more »

Fun Math App

“Today I wanted to tell you about a new math app I came across called Champs of Numeria. It is like a tic tac toe, but in order to place your piece you have to answer a math problem.  There is a range of abilities in the game anywhere from beginner to advanced. The students… Read more »

Hop into Learning with Froggy Phonics!

“Eli and I love finding new educational apps for him to use. I love it even more when those apps not only help him learn new things, but also work on speech as well. What do we think? Eli and I are both big fans of this app. Eli can easily navigate and play on his own… Read more »

Reading Recommendation tool now available for RGV young readers

“The dreaded “I’m bored” coming from a child’s mouth is usually like nails on a chalkboard for parents. Other than telling them to go clean their rooms, suggesting they read a book will usually keep them occupied for some time. Unfortunately, not every child has the ability to read. According to Evanced Solutions 72 percent… Read more »

Library introduces recommendation app for children’s books

“The Westminster branch of the Carroll County Public Library, 50 E. Main St., is hosting an event to help children discover new books related to their interests with the “Banish Boredom Tour” from 1 to 4 p.m Saturday. The event will introduce Wandoo Planet, a new app and website from Evanced Solutions, that allows children to… Read more »

Coming To Van Meter (IA) School On April 18th… The Banish Boredom Tour!

Winston the Owl and the Banish Boredom Tour are headed to Van Meter, IA on April 18.  The fourth and fifth graders at Van Meter School are early beta testers of Wandoo Planet.  To see what they think of their experiences so far, please click on the original publication link below.

Victor Free Library (NY) says “No Boredom here!”

“The Victor Free Library (in NY) is a fabulous example of what a library should be.  We are located in the midst of a community of readers and in a school district with a strong foundation supporting education at all levels that is actually growing. The challenge in this busy little library is to serve all ages and offer… Read more »

Froggy Phonics: Leaping Ahead at Firefly Speed

“So. . . What is Phonics? Phonics is simply the relation between letters and sounds in a language. Learning phonics is important because it is like teaching your children to break a code. Knowing the letter and letter combinations will help your child decode words as they read and/or write. How to Approach Teaching Phonics:… Read more »