There’s a famous 4th Grader at St. Malachy School

Brownsburg, Indiana–Elyse Cullin, the daughter of President and Co-Founder of Evanced Solutions, shared her television debut with her classmates on Wednesday! Her older sister, Grace, a 7th grader at St. Malachy was also in the video clip.  

Educational Math App

“My daughter is a math whiz and I want to continue to help her math knowledge and love of math grow exponentially. We have math books and she takes them around but every now and then she wants a video game break. Which means, I want to have games available on my phone, the Verizon… Read more »

Let’s Banish Boredom, Starting with Fox 59

“Banishing boredom and empowering kids to discover, read and do what they love most. The new app, Wandoo Planet is on tour visiting libraries and schools across the country. President and co-founder Rob Cullin gives us a peak at the new product.” Read more:

4 Myths to Bust about Game-Based Learning

Jacqui Murray of Ask a Tech Teacher chatted with her efriend, Lindsey Hill, and she thinks her readers will find Lindsey’s ideas “fascinating.” Check out the latest in busting myths on game-based learning!

Champs of Numeria is ‘Sweet’!

“You know I am a big fan of educational apps, and I love sharing educational app reviews. That is why I am excited we had the chance to review another great app from Evanced Games. You may remember back in December I shared our review of That’s Baloney, which is a fun trivia game for 2nd-6th grade…. Read more »

Evanced Games helped advance my preschooler

“All and all these were excellent apps. I waited a few weeks to blog about them because I wanted to see how they fared compared to her Barbie Fashionista and Dr. Panda games. I’m happy to say two weeks in she is still (all on her own accord) playing with these games and asking for… Read more »

A 5 star rating for Champs of Numeria

“Do you have a young child who is working on their math skills?  If so, you should definitely check out Champs of Numeria!  With Champs of Numeria, kids can put their math skills to the test as they practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  I thought that this app was a great way to help… Read more »

Tic Tac Bananas

“We had a blast playing this fun game.  The illustrations are hilarious and the sound effects will have your kids laughing. The app is easy to use and comes with two modes – either practice or 2 players.  In Practice mode kids see the monkey portraying an action with the word describing the picture at… Read more »

Dayton Mom Spot Gave Froggy a Fantastic Review

“If you have a child who is beginning to read or wants to brush up on their vocabulary, consider the Froggy Phonics app.  We had several Kindergarten students play with the app.  They loved leaping from lily pad to lily pad with Froggy as he uses phonic patterns to eat up the fireflies.  The kids… Read more »

Learn Phonics with Froggy-Review from i Game Mom

“Phonics apps are tough to create. They need to be able to keep a child engaged without distracting them too much from the learning at hand. Froggy Phonics app is based on an award-winning board game. In the app kids are engaged as they hop a cute frog from lily pad to lily pad in search… Read more »

Champs of Numeria Reviewed

“Champs of Numeria is an excellent mobile (Android/iOS) Math for practicing basic Math (i.e. division, addition, etc.) skills.  This multi-player app has students ages 4 on up competing against one another (or computer) to solve equations on a board full of numbers trying to “Connect Four”.  Finally, there are up to 9 different characters to… Read more »