How will the branches on my interest tree grow?

Click the leafy part of the branch you want to grow. Winston the owl will appear there. Click on Winston to see his recommendations for you. This will bring up the “Recommendations” screen. If you see something you’d like to add to your tree, click on the individual title and then click “Keep it!” This… Read more »

I’m getting some weird book and movie suggestions. What’s going on?

At first, some of the recommendations you get from Winston the owl may not seem to fit with your interests. (Like, what’s The Indian in the Cupboard doing on my “Lego” branch?!) That’s because Winston still has a lot to learn about what belongs where and what you really like—and it is up to you… Read more »

That’s Baloney! Review

“Remember back in the day when you’d come home with a great story to share with your parents and they say “That’s Baloney!” Sometimes sorting through what’s true and what’s baloney can be pretty tough, especially when it involves elementary school trivia that your kids have fresh in their heads and you maybe haven’t looked… Read more »

Who can see my interest tree?

Your mom, dad, or other adult who helped you register your account and anyone else who has your username and password can see your interest tree.

Tic-Tac Bananas Review

“What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys?  Why an iPad of monkeys, of course!  Throw in some coconuts, bananas, and some phonics decoding, and you’ll have oodles of fun playing Tic-Tac Bananas!  This marvelous phonics game is a great way for younger elementary-aged kids to practice their reading skills.  This app comes complete with… Read more »

Interest Tree Discoveries Can Unlock Learning

Our reading engagement team is just scratching the surface, when it comes to engaging kids via their deepest interests. So far this year our team has spent time with kids ages seven through 12 in the U.S. and the U.K. We’ve invited them to think about the subjects and activities they truly love and then create their very own… Read more »

What do I do if I find a bug/problem?

Please report it to use right away, so we can fix it! To give us your feedback from any page, click “Settings” at the bottom right of the screen. That will take you to a menu that includes a “Feedback” option. Click “Feedback” to give us your thoughts. You can also access the feedback page… Read more »

What is COPPA?

COPPA is the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act. Because we strictly follow COPPA, kids under 13 need an adult’s help to sign up to become beta testers. You can learn more about COPPA online at

Bullying Goes Pro

As we continue to examine the effects and causes of reading deficiency, we can add bullying to the list of potential barriers to success for kids. Interestingly, bullying doesn’t always take the form we expect it to. Certainly, nine-year-olds get shoved around on the playground, but what about a professional athlete in his prime? Can… Read more »

What if I have general feedback?

To give us your feedback from any page, click “Settings” at the bottom right of the screen. That will take you to a menu that includes a “Feedback” option. Click “Feedback” to give us your thoughts. You can also access the feedback page directly at

Is the interest genome project connected to the Internet?

The Interest Finder game is closed system, meaning that it is not connected directly to the Internet. The book and movie recommendations, likewise, come from a closed system; however, listings for individual titles are presently linked to We do encourage young readers to visit their local libraries to access the books and movies they… Read more »

Froggy Phonics receives 5 stars!

“Do you have a child who is ready to start learning their phonics patterns?  If so, you should definitely check out the new Froggy Phonics app!  With Froggy Phonics, kids will leap from lily pad to lily pad with Froggy as he uses simple phonics patterns to gulp down fireflies.  This app is intended for… Read more »

What if I know someone else who might like to be a beta tester?

Simply use the “Refer a Friend” form at the bottom of this page. If you are referring someone who’s 12 years old or younger, please submit the email address of their parent or guardian in the email address field. You can also refer a friend, while you are using Wandoo Planet, by clicking “Settings” at… Read more »

Who developed Wandoo Planet?

Evanced Solutions, a Demco company, developed Wandoo Planet. Evanced is an Indianapolis-based software company working to boost reading proficiency in children. We’ve teamed up with teachers, librarians, and most importantly, children to find answers to some tough questions. What really motivates kids to learn? How can we inspire children to love reading and learning for… Read more »