External Motivation and the Desire to Read within Children

In discussing the role of motivation in helping children become avid readers, it’s clear that internal motivation drives much a reader’s behavior. Internal motivation occurs when a child enjoys reading because it’s fun or because he or she is interested in the subject matter. But what about external motivators? Can punishments or prizes and rewards help generate… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to PLAY with Your Kids this Holiday Weekend

There is certainly more to this holiday weekend than just eating and shopping. Find time to PLAY with your kids as we celebrate National Games and Puzzles Week!  PLAY . . . #10     Engages kids in critical thinking and problem solving #9       Develops physical coordination skills #8       Improves ability to focus #7       Encourages… Read more »

Internal Motivation and the Desire to Read within Children

In our continuing series on the literacy crisis facing the United States, we recently came to the question of motivation. We know that motivation drives the education process for children. We think we know what motivation is, but how does that flesh itself out in the lives of school-aged kids in the United States? What… Read more »

Meet Makenzie: ‘Don’t Let a Learning Disability Get in the Way’

The following is the third in our three-part series on educating and parenting children with different ability levels. Part one looked at average students. Part two dealt with gifted students. Part three relates to students facing unusual difficulty in school. “I used to hate reading, but now I read everything and read whenever I can.”… Read more »

Local Company Developing Educational Apps

Jill Sheridan of WFYI interviewed CEO Rob Cullin and Lindsey Hill, lead for reading engagement, about Evanced Games’ educational mobile apps. The interview was aired on on WFYI radio this fall.

AppyChat & Giveaway

The Appy Ladies reviewed Froggy Phonics and receive over 500 entries for their free download give away contest! The Appy Ladies are a diverse group of ladies with various backgrounds and interests,  who have a passion for apps and information.They share knowledge and experiences with their followers and provide iOS app reviews, information and resources… Read more »

Giving a Gift to the Gifted Child

This is the second in a multi-part look at raising and educating kids who fall along different points of the educational spectrum. As we hiked through the woods, I could hear them chanting. “One ring to rule them all! One ring to find them…” I suppose you could call them my own personal band of hobbits…. Read more »

It’s Time to Take Back the Word ‘Average’

Saying that a student is “average” sounds almost like an insult, but it shouldn’t. All children are special and unique in their own ways, but that doesn’t mean they are entirely dissimilar from other children. Saying a student is average is a shorthand way of indicating there are many other children of comparable abilities and learning… Read more »